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Keys to a new digital transformation model

By Nae — October 17, 2018

We review the latest corporate digitization trends with Luis Miguel Gilpérez, member of Nae’s Advisory Council and former CEO of Telefónica España

As part of the event organized by Pega, the leader in cloud operations software, Luis Miguel Gilpérez, a member of Nae’s Advisory Council and the former CEO of Telefónica España, explained the latest corporate digitization trends this past October 10 in Madrid.

Some of the session highlights included:

  • Digital transformation is not optional, but rather a process that eliminates manual steps and low-value activities, creates new digital services and improves customer satisfaction. It also establishes new work methods and enables companies to become more agile, efficient and fast.

  • Digitization requires a holistic transformation of the systems that support a business and its operations:


  • Up until now, transformations have depended on processes and devices. Now, however, everything revolves around data, so we must create powerful alternatives and integrate them for optimized use: greater storage capacity, improved processing capability and ubiquitous, fast connectivity. The combination of artificial intelligence and the cloud plays a key role in the IT transformation initiatives of companies.

  • Telecommunications providers create value and supply the capabilities that support the industry and the housing market:

    • Connectivity enables product innovation.

    • Cloud storage provides businesses with capacity and scalability.

    • The platform is an end-to-end solution that connects processes with data and makes it possible to boost artificial intelligence’s potential.

  • The new digital transformation model depends on two major challenges: a new strategy and way of doing things, and a change in operations, with management initiatives tailored to the business strategy and focused on processes.

  • The key to transformation is to choose the best team and implement a good governance model:


  • Digital transformation is a huge opportunity made up of three parts:

    • Redesigning processes from end to end, with a focus on their automation.

    • Using data through artificial intelligence in order to automate business processes and operations.

    • Self-everything: self-diagnosis, self-management, self-recovery, etc.

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Jordi Meya
Jordi Meya

Technology Business Unit director

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