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End-to-end consulting services

We strive to bring about change by challenging organizations and guiding their transformation in a close and personal manner through end-to-end consulting services.

A friendly team made up of experts who share their knowledge and improve on a daily basis through creativity and innovation.

600 employees
5 countries
15 years of experience

What defines us


Years of experience have provided us with in-depth knowledge of the market in order to offer quality results. Sharing our knowledge helps us to improve on a daily basis and encourages us to continue learning.

Always there

We work together closely to achieve the best results. Support and trust play a key role in ensuring that the people around us feel that we are by their side throughout the process.


We believe that the same solution does not apply in every scenario, and that creativity and innovation make it possible to achieve incredible results. We strive to bring about change.


We help our clients make strategic decisions aimed at improving their value by overcoming business challenges together, from the strategic definition to the implementation of the planned actions.


Now more than ever, governments are seeing that citizens want to interact with them in a different manner: we are more discerning and have new habits. We are also willing to make greater contributions and give feedback. In the continuously changing scenario that surrounds us, it is urgent, strategic and essential for governments to analyze and manage the voices of their citizens and the new digital reality, integrating them quickly and effectively into their decision making processes so as to better address the needs that arise.


The industrial sector is one of society’s basic pillars. It creates the goods we consume and supplies other sectors with the necessary materials on which to base their operations. This robust sector should leverage its strength to face major changes, enabling it to make the most of new opportunities.

Banking, Insurance and Investors

History has shown that the financial sector plays a key role in any economic cycle because it serves as a driving force for new initiatives and absorbs impacts between the economy and society. It protects people and property to ensure that life and business go on.


Telecom carries a special responsibility as an essential industry for the global economy in the information and knowledge society, and as an enabler of the digital ecosystem. This sector must be quick to position itself as a leader by implementing a major transformation, from customer empathy to the responsibility of providing essential services to residents, businesses and governments.

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Nae | Sep 21, 2021
Nae will partner with Cellnex to integrate Polkomtel Infrastruktura’s active network

In July of this year, the main infrastructure operator for wireless telecommunication in Europe closed the acquisition of Cyfrowy Polsat’s subsidiary in Poland

Nae | Aug 3, 2020
Nae participates in the Barcelona 5G pilot project backed by

Positioning ourselves at the forefront of 5G is a challenge that represents what drives us on a daily basis: creating change.

Nae | Jan 17, 2020
5G Barcelona rewards Cisco and Nae’s initiative to improve the lives of the elderly

The platform minimizes social isolation and favors interaction through recreational and social activities

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