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“It is important to innovate, but with a focus on actual customer needs” Luis Miguel Gilpérez #ThinkingAhead

By Nae — January 30, 2019

This event was the first of a breakfast series organized by Nae to prepare for challenges in the area of market transformation and growth.

The first #ThinkingAhead breakfast took place on Thursday, January 24, in Barcelona, where partners and clients discussed market transformation challenges and shared forward-looking approaches.

The event began with a presentation by Luis Miguel Gilpérez, former CEO of Telefónica España and a member of Nae’s Advisory Council, who discussed the keys to connecting with clients and driving growth.

In order to attract, connect with and retain customers more effectively, make agile, dynamic and simple decisions: “Promote innovation while focusing on actual customer needs.”

In our ever-changing world, Luis Miguel stressed the importance of being brave and daring to drive change internally: “Organizations of the future must listen to the market and their customers, and dare to make changes that break away from existing business models. There are no second chances; this is a matter of survival. Change involves willingness and creates resistance, so persistence is key.”

Growth strategies must take into consideration external as well as internal resources. The continued effort of creating culture and innovation while integrating the necessary technological tools promotes transformation. However, one of the biggest challenges discussed at the round table was managing people: providing resources and digital means is just as important as leading and guiding.

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