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Why are environments based on inclusion and diversity more successful?

By Toni Alberich — February 12, 2019

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Begin by adding. Then continue adding until multiplying

In today’s society, specifically in the business world, everything happens very quickly. We must constantly reinvent ourselves, make fast decisions, focus on the future, take risks, foster change and solve problems nimbly.

In recent years, we have witnessed economic, social and cultural transformations and changes that have taken place with an unprecedented speed and complexity. Barriers between countries are disappearing as international relations grow and offer more opportunities to interact with other people and cultures.

However, true diversity does not exist in the business world, in part because we are conditioned and limited by our thoughts and views, which in turn influence the decisions we make.

Employment biases

Unfortunately, even if company management supports inclusion and diversity, discrimination according to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or age remains firmly present in professional settings. In fact, a Harvard study on gender and careers found that 75% of participants have preconceived notions about the role of women at work.

Prejudice in the workplace is the biggest obstacle to creating diverse settings, so having senior executives set an example and stay involved is key to establishing an effective diversity plan.

According to an Ethics article, “if companies continue to hire and promote women at the current pace, in a best-case scenario, the number of female executives will increase by only 1% over the next 20 years.”

In society and in companies, we frequently prioritize working with like-minded individuals since we probably feel more comfortable and identify with them because of similar thoughts and beliefs. We must expand the way we see things, and a great way to do this is by opening our minds to different experiences and cultures. This will enable us to break down stereotypes and prejudices that hinder social and corporate development.

A culture that multiplies

Companies are competing in increasingly global markets in order to stay on top and implement the latest processes. The best professionals and different types of people are needed to establish the diversity that provides new knowledge, experiences and thoughts that invite us to perceive different realities.

Diversity provides an array of skills, resources and perspectives, and this enables us to make better and more innovative decisions. Diverse teams can tap into different perspectives to solve problems by considering multiple alternatives. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Creating innovative environments

  • Identifying and hiring talented professionals more easily

  • Broadening internal knowledge and views

  • Being open to new ideas

  • Becoming more flexible

  • Fostering creativity

  • Encouraging empathy

  • Feeling professional satisfaction and a sense of belonging in the company

This concept should be viewed as a whole. When handled respectfully and in a positive manner, diversity will become an added value for a company’s growth.


Toni Alberich


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