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Synerise expands its presence in Spain and Latin America in collaboration with Nae

By Nae — May 23, 2019

The company analyzes data using AI to predict behavior and personalize the customer experience

Synerise, which provides the AI Growth Cloud solution that uses artificial intelligence to personalize customer interactions and sales results, has opened its new Madrid headquarters.

The company’s aim is to consolidate its presence in Spain and expand to Latin America with the support of Nae.

In Spain, Orange is testing the Synerise solution that personalizes the customer experience in real time by analyzing online and offline data. In addition to the telecommunications sector, Synerise also plans to roll out its technology for the retail, e-commerce, banking and automotive industries, among others.

The platform works by analyzing data from every point of contact between the brand and customers to create behavior profiles and dynamically segment the marketing messages for different customer segments. This makes it possible to predict the future behavior of customers and personalize e-mails, web messages, mobile messages, SMS, RTB and dynamic content.

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