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New solutions for measuring the quality of mobile services

By Nae — February 15, 2016

Geolocation services and displaying results on mobile devices to improve the user experience

Improving the experience of users or customers is one of the greatest challenges that businesses and entities face. This improvement affects users and also benefits the company that provides quality services. In her analysis of the customer journey, our colleague Elena Antona explains that a satisfactory customer experience means that “users feel respected, valued, and committed, and this provides a competitive advantage that is difficult to surpass.

In the field of telecommunications services, an example of an innovative solution is to measure the quality of voice and data services, at home or via mobile devices, or to anticipate mass uses that will result in network congestion.

In terms of measurement, an additional step in improving the experience is that users can check the quality of the service they receive from their telecommunications provider at their current location. This solution is made possible thanks to an application installed on cell phones that displays the results as the service is checked.

In other words, it provides information about quality and identifies the causes that affect it (service congestion due to more users, deficiencies in infrastructure deployments, etc.).

This information is very valuable for the agents involved in the service, including telecommunications providers and public entities, because it allows them to implement corrective measures that ensure proper operations.

Countries leading the development of new technologies are already using these types of solutions. Colombia has implemented this tool as part of the Vive Digital plan launched by the Department of ICT in 2014. With its #CalidadCelular cell phone quality application, users are able to obtain geolocated data from telecommunications providers using a coverage map in which they can check the quality of their current location or navigate through different areas.

The result allows public entities to identify the factors that affect the correct operation of communications in order to provide users with better public services.



Download the application:

Playstore: https://goo.gl/yPWYkO

AppleStore: https://goo.gl/RmiRvz

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Jordi Meya
Jordi Meya

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