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Case study: The implementation of custom solutions

By Xavier Alba — March 18, 2015

How to resolve an operational improvement need in the management of technical projects

When a company or organization detects the need to improve its operations, it requires a solution that will resolve the matter efficiently. In this case, we will present the implementation of a tool that helps manage technical projects. These types of projects must be coordinated with central and regional departments, and a key factor is the management of updated files by areas and agents (vendors, engineering firms, outsourcers, etc.).

Some of the requirements that the tool must address include:

  • Reducing information update times in order to optimize the detection and reduction of discrepancies, as well as to compile data for reporting the project status.

  • Guaranteeing the reliability of information by operating as the reference repository for all the managers involved.

  • Managing the milestone plans for each project in order to easily identify the progress, risks, and pending actions.

  • Allowing projects to be tracked economically.

Nae’s approach for covering this need begins with an analysis of the current situation, in which as much information as possible is gathered (business processes, main data sources, monitoring systems, etc.).

The requirements are then defined based on interviews with the tool’s users (individuals who produce or receive the information) in order to precisely define all the features and restrictions that should be taken into consideration for the design.

In the next phase, the tool’s architecture is designed along with the graphics and usability. Afterwards, the business logic is developed as well as the mechanisms for exporting and importing data and the system for generating reports. This is followed by an integration and testing period, returning to the analysis phase if improvements must be made, and then finally production and user training begins.

In this case, the proposed tool consists of a software platform for designing, implementing, and managing business solutions based on data adapted to mobile devices, web browsers, and Windows/Mac environments, with benefits such as:

  • Custom, scalable, and flexible development, according to needs.

  • Native support for batch file processing, multi-user and multi-device, with assistance from business and programming specialists.

  • Friendly, graphic, and assisted development environment.

  • Open-source solution that allows personalized reporting.

At Nae, we believe that having a maximum level of experience in the area of operation is key for the development, implementation, and maintenance of solutions because this guarantees that business requirements are understood and conveyed quickly and effectively.

It is essential for the solution to cover aspects that are vital for the user, for it to be properly managed, for needs to be tracked accordingly, and for the application to evolve together with business needs.

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Jordi Meya
Jordi Meya

Technology Business Unit director


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