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Nae will provide ALTÁN with support in the deployment of the “Red Compartida” shared network in Mexico

By Nae — April 5, 2017

Mexico’s largest telecommunications project will require a $7 billion investment

The Red Compartida is a Telecommunications Reform project that has been promoted by the Government of Mexico and it will be rolled out and operated using private capital. In this public-private partnership, the Government will provide the radio-electric spectrum along with the use of the core network, while the private entity, ALTÁN Redes, will contribute the investment and technical experience needed to successfully develop the Red Compartida.

Nae will participate in the management and coordination of the deployment, which includes an initial phase involving the installation of seven or eight telecommunications towers every day until 2018, when 30% of the high-speed mobile data coverage will be completed. The final deployment is expected to provide coverage for 92.2% of Mexico’s population and require a $7 billion investment.

Currently, each wireless telecommunications provider must implement its own infrastructure, but this is extremely costly and the nation’s remote regions are left without service. With the Red Compartida, these investments will be minimized so telecommunications providers may provide better quality services.

What is expected of the Red Compartida?

It will reach areas without coverage: It will be possible to provide broadband services in regions that currently do not have service or where only one alternative is available.

It will improve the quality of telecommunications: Existing and future carriers will have more coverage and capacity, allowing them to offer more and better services to residents.

Prices will continue to fall: Between 2014 and 2015, telephony and mobile broadband prices dropped. With the Red Compartida, prices for mobile services will continue to fall.

It will foster productivity and competitiveness: A telecommunications industry that is more dynamic will promote higher domestic and foreign investments while boosting the productivity and competitiveness of the nation’s economy.

It will encourage innovation in digital services: The Red Compartida will enable the creation of and access to technologies and applications that residents may use to create entrepreneurial projects as well as new production techniques and ways of doing business.

ALTÁN Redes is a multinational consortium whose investors include some of the most important infrastructure investment funds in the world along with leading private, institutional and industrial partners in Mexico.
The Red Compartida is the first public-private partnership in the world to adopt the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS), which is a model backed by the World Bank for improved information transparency in all the stages of public bids, from the planning stage through implementation.


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