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Sports Technology Symposium: Digital Transformation Opportunities in Sports #FCBSportsTech

By Nae — November 17, 2015

Society is evolving towards a new digital age, changes are taking place faster than ever, and organizations must adapt in order to improve their competitive position.

In this day and age, it is essential to understand the behavior of our customers. Sports industry fans have access to a wider array of entertainment, and new competitors continue to appear.

Digital transformation is more than a defensive reaction. It also offers new business opportunities, generates income, and creates efficiency. This transformation is driven by the growth of four main tools that are known as SMAC (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud), and they are fundamental for any sport or activity interested in attracting new digital users, which includes fans, businesses, and other stakeholders.

The challenges and opportunities of digitalization in the sports industry (and in the entertainment industry in general) will be discussed on November 19th at the headquarters of the F.C. Barcelona as part of an event organized by Esade Alumni.

The event will include representatives from top European soccer teams and leagues, as well as from the NBA and the NFL, in addition to speakers from businesses and organizations such as McCan, Deloitte, Oracle, and Harvard University. 

Ginés Alarcón, CEO of Nae, will be the moderator of the Mobile First session, and Cristóbal Escoda, Managing Director, will lead the Smart Stadiums session.

Additional information about the schedule and registration is available at the Sports Technology Symposium website.

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