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Payment and personal identification methods in the digital age #NaeReport

By Nae — October 6, 2014

We analyze the transformation on the cutting edge of digitalization and the business areas that are affected

The new generation of digital users was born connected (smartphones, applications, social networks, information on the cloud, etc.). Their interactions do not exist without these technological mediums, both in professional as well as personal settings.

This means that markets, private companies, and public entities must immediately transform towards the digital environment.

Technological advances are speeding up this process by providing applications that are more sophisticated and secure for banking, mobile payments, and personal identification. By 2017, the worldwide value of mobile transactions is expected to reach $721 billion.

This report analyzes the transformation of the payment and personal identity systems on the cutting edge of digitalization, as well as the business areas that are affected.

To do so, the current situation is described from a neutral perspective by analyzing the most relevant aspects in the business world: the value chain, ecosystem agents, technology, regulations, security, opportunities, and barriers.

To conclude, the main attributes that services must have in order to guarantee the quality, security, and usability that customers request are described, along with recommendations for creating an open and competitive market.

The report, which was led by Ginés Alarcón, CEO of Nae, was written by Manuel Borrajo, a digital transformation consultant, with the involvement of José Miguel González.

The document is available to download in Spanish here: Medios de pago e identificación personal en la era digital (Nae, 2015) [PDF, 117 KB]

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