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Nae plans to reach €37 million in sales in 2017

By Nae — March 8, 2017

The company earned €22 million in 2016, of which €16.5 million came from Spain

Nae’s turnover for 2016 was €22 million and this year it expects to grow by 70%. This growth forecast is based on the positive results obtained in Mexico, including a €7 million agreement with the American telecommunications provider AT&T, and in Colombia, where the company has doubled its turnover compared to the previous year.

The plan for 2017 is to increase our sales through geographic diversification. In Spain, where we had €16.5 million in turnover in 2016, the strategy is to continue expanding our service portfolio and solidify our presence in sectors such as telecommunications, finance and industry.

Case on IT, a business fostered by Nae and focused on offering solutions to measure customer experience, has also played a major role in the excellent results and in the company’s positive outlook, with annual growth of 140%.

This year, staying true to how we view the business, we will continue to focus on profitability with the clear idea that our priority is sustainable growth for continued growth in the medium term.

We are implementing a strategic plan for the 2017-2021 period aimed at reaching €100 million in sales. The five-year vision we are working on is that of a company focused on the people who comprise it and whose most important asset is their talent.

We want to become an increasingly agile entity with a distributed leadership model that is committed to creativity as well as to anticipating market transformation challenges and providing clients the solutions they need.

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