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Nae Mexico signs a number of agreements worth €7 million for the next 3 years

By Nae — December 16, 2016

AT&T, an American telecommunications provider, will measure the mobile experience of its customers in 40 Mexican cities

Nae’s Mexico City office, which was inaugurated in early 2016 following a €400,000 investment, works with Indeplo (part of Cinko Holding) as a local partner.

In addition to our existing clients in Mexico, this first year have we also closed multiple agreements worth €2.5 million and €4.3 million with the American telecommunications provider AT&T. The second contract, which was signed recently, has a three-year duration and will allow the leading U.S. telecommunications provider to monitor the mobile user experience in 40 Mexican cities.

The Nae Mexico team is made up of 15 employees, and given the excellent results this first year, the forecast for 2017 is to continue expanding and diversifying our services in the field of telecommunications and digital transformation.

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