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Nae participates in the 1st Zaragoza Smart City Event

By Jorge Hernández — May 30, 2013

At the beginning of the 20th century, as part of the Hispano-French Exposition of 1908, Zaragoza created an urban plan to address the need to house an increasingly larger population that was migrating from rural areas, drawn by the city’s industrial development. This expansion took place throughout the century, and it originated in the economic, social, and technological changes that were brought by the second industrial revolution.

A new urban plan is currently in the works that will face the challenges of the upcoming years, which include the changing energy model and growing city populations. This is why municipal governments are very involved in planning and defining strategies that will allow them to be more efficient and that also use ICT to implement these improvements. 19th century urban planning, such as Ensanche, is now a thing of the past, and 21st century urban planning will likely be linked to the term smart city.

Despite the current economic situation, many Spanish cities are adopting a long-term vision, positioning themselves and collaborating in order to implement strategic development plans that help improve efficiency. Public forums and events that aim to promote the development of smart cities take place. For example, yesterday we had the chance to attend a meeting in Cáceres, organized by the Cátedra Telefónica de la UEx research chair, along with research centers, local businesses, and Rosa Paradell, Director of the Smart City Expo World Congress. Also, on June 4th, we will be present at the 1st Zaragoza Smart City Event, where Luis Molina, Senior Business Manager of Nae, will be the moderator for one of the panels.

Representatives from public entities and the university will attend the event, and the afternoon session will include two round tables focused on the corporate vision, with the presence of various sectors: technology, public works, energy, water management, etc.

Nae is pleased to help design the strategies that will define the urban model for the upcoming years, and we hope that events like this will help promote the development of smart cities.

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Jordi Meya
Jordi Meya

Technology Business Unit director

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