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Minsait acquires Nae, a benchmark in telecommunications consulting, to strengthen its global position in this market

By Nae — September 21, 2023

Nae, which will maintain its commercial brand, has a team of more than 350 highly-specialized consultants in telecommunications and digital infrastructure consulting. The merger of Minsait and Nae strengthens its role as the largest consulting firm in the Telco industry in terms of volume and added value

Minsait, an Indra company, has acquired Nae, a leading consulting firm in the telecommunications market specializing in transforming and deploying new technologies, optimizing operations through automation and digitization, and designing and implementing sales strategies. Furthermore, it provides expert advice on corporate transactions to maximize value for investors in the industry and specializes in telecommunications network ecosystems and digital infrastructure virtualization, which leverage the possibilities of the cloud to maximize business opportunities. 

With this operation, the technology company has strengthened its position in the telecommunications industry, which is key to the digitization of society and business and the growth of the economy, with the sector's contribution to Spanish GDP being 5%, according to the statistical portal Statista.

Minsait thus strengthens its end-to-end value proposition, fostering a strategic area for the company with incredible growth potential, accelerating the digital transformation of companies and enabling the deployment of innovative solutions in all industrial sectors, in areas such as 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and process automation and robotization.

Luis Abril, Executive Director of Indra and Managing Director of Minsait, said that "the operation drives the creation of value for our clients, employees and shareholders. By incorporating Nae, we are now in a position to bring a differential, comprehensive and high-value offer to the market, combining our digital capabilities with its knowledge and expertise in the Telco industry. It also strengthens our position as a strategic partner of our clients, helping them to optimize management and accelerate the transformation of their processes and technological infrastructures. We thus cover the design, implementation and operation of services on a global scale, making a definitive contribution to the development of the telecommunications sector and other industries and markets".

Nae's CEOs, Cristóbal Escoda and Antoni Ibañez, say they are "excited to be part of the Minsait ecosystem and join forces to have a unique offering, leading the digital consulting and services market in the telecommunications industry, generating more value for our clients. As a business unit, Nae will operate autonomously, thus preserving its brand and management model, and will leverage Indra’s presence, commercial reach and scale to initiate a new stage of expansion and growth in service to our clients and the development of our teams”.

With its incorporation into Minsait, Nae has strengthened its position as the industry's largest consulting firm in Spain in terms of volume and added value. The new telecommunications consulting vertical company will be made up of some 400 people and will be led by Cristóbal Escoda and Antoni Ibañez, founding partners and managers of Nae, both with extensive experience in management positions in the industry.

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