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Introducing Antala, a technological solution to digitalize fiber deployments

By Nae — April 3, 2024

The platform ensures quality, reduces operational costs, and transitions from network surveying to coverage deployment in minutes

We launch Antala to the market, a technological solution that solves challenges in fiber network deployment such as the registration and auditing of critical information in real-time, allowing the inventory from home to its commercialization in just a few minutes.

One of the main challenges in fiber optic deployments that operators face is maximizing their efficiency in terms of deadlines and costs for a quick and error-free home commercialization.

Traditionally, home information is captured using systems without validation or data standardization. This can hinder the commercialization of homes due to the vast amount of network infrastructure information that needs to be manually entered.

Antala offers a faster alternative by focusing on the minimum set of data necessary for commercialization. This way, services can be sold much earlier than the lengthy process of documenting all the details of the network infrastructure. The platform is designed from the technical user's perspective so that this minimum set of data can be collected as efficiently, assisted, and quickly as possible.

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Express mutualization of potential customers

Operators need to be able to share their built network (mutualization) for the sale of indirect services, and the quality of this data is critical to ensure that the shared homes can be commercialized by third parties without conflicts or issues when registering them.

Antala automatically generates, according to the standard, the files for the mutualization of homes among operators, ensuring the consistency and truthfulness of the data.

Cost saving

Antala reduces the time needed by construction companies to correctly inventory the footprint and the network, as the entire process is assisted through automations and real-time validations, which allows for greater productivity and lower cost per real estate unit for the operator.

During the commercialization phase of a deployed network, having data that has been verified and contrasted reduces the number of incidents when provisioning services and performing maintenance, which allows reducing the costs associated with these incidents.

Adapted solutions to each operator

Antala is designed for both large operators in Greenfield deployments (without previous infrastructure) and for smaller operators, especially in merger and acquisition (M&A) operations, where it is essential to determine the real footprint of the operator and the correct startup of a physical and logical inventory of the network with high quality.

Over 30 million homes managed

Antala is born from Nae's experience in large fiber deployment projects over the last 10 years in Spain for operators such as Vodafone, MásMóvil, Orange, or Lyntia, managing a volume of 30 million homes.

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