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Bogotá hosts the 1st Digital Customer Forum

By Nae — November 7, 2014

Nae has organized the first edition of a forum aimed at digital customers in order to reflect on the challenges of the telecommunications industry

“Many companies are not aware that customers are in control. Consumers have never had as much power and influence as they do now.

Satisfied customers are a powerful sales force who do not receive salaries but can boost revenues and reputations if they are listened to properly and if action is taken according to their requirements,” explains Ginés Alarcón, CEO of Nae.

With the goal of reflecting on the challenges of the telecommunications industry in order to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience aspects, Nae organized the first edition of a forum aimed at digital customers this past November 5th in Bogotá. The event, which was created with the idea of making it an Ibero-American reference, also focused on the benefits of ICT in society as a driver for development in countries. Diego Molano, the Colombian Minister of ICT, inaugurated the forum in which representatives from the Congress of Deputies also participated.

Paulo Neves, Vice President of Commercial Operations for Vodafone Spain, presented the strategy of the telecommunications provider that Nae has worked with since 2013 on guaranteeing the operating efficiency and quality perceived by its customers: “Thanks to the design and implementation of proposals, we have improved subscriptions, customer activations, turnover, and service support in general. We understood that the key is to make sure that there is coherence between what we want and what we offer in order to improve customer experiences through the different channels for contact that are available to customers.”

In 2013, Nae inaugurated its Bogotá office, which reached a turnover of €800,000 in 2014. In the next five years, the revenue from Colombia is expected to represent 50% of Nae’s turnover in Spain, with the possibility of becoming a platform for the markets in Ecuador, Peru, Panama, and other Central American nations.

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