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Automation as a lever to enhance human talent

By Alejandra Ivette Aburto — February 6, 2020

Companies need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes. How can we do this?

In the digital era, industries have undergone significant changes that have helped to streamline business processes. The deployment of agile methodologies is on the rise, and is born of the need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes.

This problem is mitigated not only by the use of agile methodologies, but also by the adoption of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The concept consists in assigning people activities that create added value, while leaving robots to perform tedious and repetitive tasks.

This combination of methodologies and RPA makes it possible for us to offer each of our customers—both internal and external—the quality of service promised. The adoption of all these tools not only impacts on the financial side of the company, but also on the workers. This is why it is important to get them involved with deployment.

Most collaborators believe that the adoption of RPA will jeopardize their jobs, dispensing with human involvement over time to focus only on the robots. This view couldn’t be further from the truth, as the human side of things is essential, particularly in innovation and analysis processes. In fact, we should make the most of technology and automation as levers to create added value and promote human talent.

To increase the success rate of a deployment project, it is necessary to include change management within the scope. This will allow effective changes to be made in people, by being able to understand how teams react when impacted by these technological transformations. Therefore, it is very important to mainly focus on the benefits of introducing this type of methodology: stress reduction, full-time focus on complex tasks that will help in their professional growth and acquisition of new skills, among others.

In summary, when we adopt agile and RPA methodologies, change management is very important in order to dispel misconceptions that our collaborators may have. They are a crucial part of our company, and without them, deployment will not be successful.

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