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Antala Platform

The platform that maximizes productivity in FTTH network deployments by reducing operating costs both in the deployment phase and in the subsequent operation of the network.

Some benefits

We have developed Antala as a solution to the correct data inventory challenge based on our long experience and in-depth knowledge of best practices in FTTH deployment management.

  • • Construction of a master inventory of households in coverage both from the field and from the office.

  • • Automatic validations integrated into the data entry and the E2E process to ensure Data Quality.

  • • GESCAL encoder: automatic calculation of a unique ID for households (GESCAL37 in Spain).

  • • Automatic synchronism tests to obtain network files.

  • • BQA module for the acceptance of CTOs and resolution of objections by contractors.

  • • Automatic generation of coverage and network files.

  • • Inventory quality automations for network acceptance.

Customized business solutions

Orange, Grupo MásMóvil, Vodafone, Lyntia and many more customers trust in tools for FTTH network deployment management developed by Nae.

Main functionalities

We have developed Antala following the functional requirements of our FTTH center of excellence and the best practices in the market by implementing a modular tool capable of growing and optimizing the end-to-end process.

Footprint management

Register the building addresses and households served from a CTO and associate them with it. It allows you to select a street from a database including GESCAL12. Assignment of CTO from mobile app or web.

GESCAL encoder

GESCAL37 is automatically calculated from the fields of the address structured according to the GESCAL standard. Validations are carried out on this code to ensure that it is compliant with the standard and is unique.

CTOs management

Modify or add new CTOs in coverage. Port configuration, assignment to splitters and remote CTOs. Location and associated photos of your installation. CTO Status Management: Delivered, Accepted, etc.

Synchronism tests

Perform field synchronism test of the CTO to register the corresponding card/port in the ONT through the API of the provisioning manager. Collect information associated with the test: CTO photos, geolocation, power measurements.

Quality management

Acceptance control of CTOs and associated households by the BQA. Objection management with construction companies. Automatic validations of data quality in coverage and network files, and data quality in GIS.

Mutualization control

Selection of those CTOs that are mutualizable (in state Accepted by the BQA) and management of their state of mutualization according to which they will appear in the coverage and network files.

The technology we use

We have developed Antala following the functional requirements of our experts in the field of FTTH deployment and the best market practices, implementing a modular tool capable of growing and optimizing the end to end process.

Open source technologies

Nae uses of high-performance open source standards, with a proven maturity degree and oriented to robust, scalable solutions aligned with agile methodologies.

Modular design

We approach our development challenges from a modular perspective by promoting value delivery from early stages of development through microservice-oriented architectures.

Customization and agile methodologies

We can always fully adapt to the client’s needs, being agile and flexible using highly contrasted methodologies to respond to the client's requirements and achieve the objectives.

Qualified team

At Nae we have a highly qualified development team, with extensive experience in the execution of customized development projects for telecommunications operators.

Custom integration

We use tools that are strongly oriented to microservices and that can offer a REST layer, which allows third-party applications to communicate with our APIs following a standard architecture.

BI integration

We are experts in Business Intelligence and offer e2e solutions by integrating market-leading platforms (PowerBI, Tableau, QlikSense, etc).

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