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Digitalize and accelerate your FTTH deployments with our Antala platform

Antala ensures quality, reduces operational costs, and transitions from network surveying to coverage deployment in minutes

What is Antala?

Antala is a SaaS solution for the correct inventory of FTTH deployments that we have developed based on our extensive experience and deep understanding of the best practices in FTTH deployment management and mutualization processes.

Main functionalities

Antala Builder allows registering and auditing critical information for the deployment of an FTTH network in real-time, addressing challenges such as scalability and data quality.

Benefits of the solution

Antala Builder maximizes productivity in FTTH network deployment, reducing operational costs in both the deployment phase and subsequent network operation.

Digital deployment solutions

Orange, Grupo MásMóvil, Vodafone, and Lyntia are some of the clients who already trust in our tools developed for the management of FTTH deployments.

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