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A response to new connectivity needs through XGS-PON

By Rafael Avendaño Torres — November 23, 2022

Learn in this report the strategic challenges for an efficient deployment of this technology

The rising demand for symmetrical networks that provide two-way traffic is hard to ignore. In response, XGS-PON technology offers up to 10 Gbps in both directions.

Although a plan of action has yet to be defined, key players have started to upgrade their fixed broadband services. Challenges include the incompatibility with existing clients’ subscriber equipment (GPON ONTs) and the high cost of renewing the routers/ONTs that support XGS-PON.

The upgrade strategy is determined by the time to market, competition and cost. In addition to a detailed technological analysis for identifying the best configuration, an efficient and attractive roll-out plan must also be defined.

Download the report to learn how we analyze all of these factors:

Jordi Meya

Technology Business Unit director


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