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We present the results of the 5G Catalunya pilot project at the Mobile World Congress

By Nae — February 24, 2023

The use cases have proven the efficiency of 5G in improving the quality of life of people and organizations

The 5G Catalunya pilot project we launched in 2020 alongside seven partner companies, led by Cellnex Telecom and the MásMóvil Group, has finished presenting its use cases at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress. 

The initiative driven by Red.es consisted of seven use cases in the areas of education, industry, commerce, mobility, security, 5G network services and live event broadcasts.

Nae has taken on the challenge eagerly because being at the forefront of 5G, with such a strong economic and social impact, represents what drives us: creating change.

As part of the project closure, we will be present at the GSMA Foundry Innovation Showcase, in Hall 4 of Fira Gran Vía, with a demo presentation of the remote learning case using a holographic medium.

The project consisted of connecting participants at different locations by establishing two-way communication and eliminating physical distances through the use of 5G.

In addition to this case, the 5G Catalunya pilot project has also developed the following solutions:

  • Managing public safety and emergencies

The data transmission quality and speed offered by 5G make it possible to use video cameras installed on street furniture to address the three basic pillars of security: prevention, fast intervention and conclusion extraction by analyzing urban security and emergencies that have taken place. Data transmission, large bandwidth and the use of artificial intelligence will allow security forces to anticipate, detect and analyze situations in order to make decisions that are more efficient and effective.

  • Autonomous vehicles

5G helps minimize the risks of operating autonomous vehicles. The initiative consists of adopting sustainable mobility solutions through the use of self-driving vehicles. Safe traffic circulation requires equipping driverless vehicles with technology that enables them to anticipate obstacles along the way. 5G can be essential for this.

  • Industry 4.0

Installing a flexible asset-tracking system improves production-related internal logistics security and efficiency. With a margin of error of only a few meters, this solution makes it possible to locate assets (that can be managed via a software platform), track their movements, identify anomalies and anticipate potential accidents. 5G plays a fundamental role in simplifying the network infrastructure, ensuring low latency, supporting industrial mobility and managing many connected devices.

  • 5G in the audiovisual segment

Transmitting sound and images in milliseconds allows for immersive communication services thanks to the low latency. It is also possible to prevent delays or interferences, and to simultaneously convey multiple high-definition signals. This confirms that 5G technology enables the combination of proprietary content and citizen contributions in real time.

  • Augmented reality for immersive online shopping

Thanks to the role of the Augmented Reality (AR) Personal Shopper, the seller obtains additional information about products and establishments through augmented reality glasses to enrich the online shopping experience. A connection system based on 5G technology sends the same information to the buyer along with the augmented reality interface, so it can be viewed on a device and communicate with the seller via videoconference.

  • Network capacity management in high-volume environments

To meet the demand for connectivity in crowded locations, the neutral host model combined with Open RAN makes it possible to deploy a multi-operator virtualized 5G network to decongest the mobile network in high-volume settings. Thanks to its technical potential and cost efficiency, it enables connectivity in places where the mobile network may be congested due to a high volume.

In addition to Cellnex Telecom and the MásMóvil Group, the 5G Catalunya project also includes Parlem Telecom as a telecommunications provider; Aumenta Solutions, which specializes in augmented reality for the industry; Atos, a leading international engineering firm for digital transformation; Lenovo, a technological multinational; and Nearby Computing, an automation and orchestration platform for MEC and 5G.

Nae handled the project management and provided support to team members, particularly on a senior level, by managing the project plans, governance, risks and quality.

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