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New edition of Wisibilízalas to promote gender equality in ICT

By Nae — January 25, 2018

Nae sponsors the school competition organized by the ETIC department at the UPF

Ada Lovelace, who was born in London at the start of the 19th century, is regarded as the first computer programmer in history thanks to her work in defining an algorithm to be processed by a machine.

Ada Lovelace Day, an annual event celebrated in mid-October, has the goal of raising the profile of women in science and technology since these fields have a fairly unbalanced gender distribution. The lack of female role models affects the choice of science-related fields. This was explained by our colleague Ana Moliner in her article titled Where were you, women engineers?

This day also marks the launch of the Wisibilízalas competition, organized by the UPF’s Department of Engineering & ICT (ETIC in Spanish) and sponsored by Nae, to promote female role models in schools.

The activity consists of creating a webpage that describes the careers of at least two local and contemporary women who work in the field of ICT, either in Spain or Latin America. Participating centers have the chance to win a number of prizes, including 3D printers and materials that promote technological creativity.

Nae encourages schools and high schools to participate in the competition because our industry is changing the world and we must all form part of this revolution.

The registration deadline is November 23.

For additional information about the competition, please visit the Wisibilízalas website.

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