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Nae opens its new Brazil office and joins forces with the British firm EOS, which specializes in mergers and acquisitions

By Nae — December 10, 2019

The company’s global growth targets are also based on updating the Nae brand identity

As part of the geographic diversification efforts laid out in our strategic plan, the new São Paulo location is the first Nae office in Brazil and the fourth in the American continent, following its expansion into Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica. The new office is expected to comprise 5% of the company’s global turnover this year, with strong growth prospects for the coming years.

On a worldwide level, we hope to end 2019 with €50 million in sales, for a 25% increment over the previous year. The forecast is to reach €67 million in 2020 and €98 million in 2021.

In addition to expanding our geographic scope, we have also created a new line of business for mergers and acquisitions, coinciding with our involvement in the British firm EOS Deal Advisor, founded by Maggie Brereton and Ina Kjaer, by purchasing 3% of its shares, which could increase to 10%.

Together we have created a two-way consulting partnership for the Spanish market and abroad. The new department will offer a comprehensive service by identifying opportunities and working as advisors during the pre-agreement phase, as well as by participating in valuations and in the post-merger stage.

The company’s global growth targets are also based on updating the Nae brand identity. The new slogan—“Dare to go beyond”—summarizes our aim to create change in entities.

The revamped identity is based on a visual system with more than a single logo. Instead, everyone involved has a tool with which to visually define their connection to the brand and tailor it to their personality. The result is a visual diversity that represents Nae’s bold, daring and transformative purpose.

Check out our new identity at nae.design.

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