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Nae grows in order to continue supporting you

By Nae — March 19, 2015

On the company’s tenth anniversary, we have reached a €13 million turnover (twice the amount of the previous year) and we are launching a new brand image

Nae closed 2014 with a turnover of €13 million, nearly double the amount of the previous year. We have consolidated ourselves in the telecommunications sector, which represents 75% of our turnover, and we have increased our sales to large corporations and public entities.

“Thanks to our direct involvement in the concentration and continuous transformation processes that are taking place in the telecommunications sector, we have been able to increase our business volume with leading telecommunications providers and undertake larger projects with a greater impact,” explains Cristóbal Escoda, Managing Director and Founding Partner of Nae.

We have launched a new strategic plan for the next three years that we hope will allow us to reach a turnover of €30 million. The forecast for 2015 is to increase turnover by 40% in order to reach €18 million.

With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, and Bogotá, Nae has a team of more than 200 professionals, and we hope to expand our presence in Latin America through our base in Colombia by offering services to other countries in the region.

Of the new business lines we promote, our commitment towards industry diversification and the deep digital transformation that affects our society stand out: “Consumers have never had as much power and influence as they do now. In the new paradigm of connected life, customers are in the middle and businesses must adapt to manage the client’s digital experience,”explains Ginés Alarcón, CEO of Nae.

New brand image

Coinciding with the company’s tenth anniversary and global expansion, Nae has renewed its corporate identify to adapt the brand’s image to the new business reality: “We are a company with more than 200 employees, and our business volume is growing systematically every year thanks to our ability to provide customers with more value,” states Antoni Ibáñez, Managing Director and Founding Partner of Nae. The new logo includes the slogan “Doing ahead,” which represents “Nae’s positioning as an entity that anticipates market challenges and is capable of proposing and implementing real solutions.”

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