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Nae and Seguros SURA hold meeting on transformation of the insurance market and new client

By Nae — October 17, 2019

Workshop brought discussions about market trends and the importance of offering solutions that transform the customer journey as best possible

The challenges surrounding the insurance industry go beyond improving slow processes and improving customer experience. This was the starting point for our meeting with Seguros SURA, in September, to discuss the major market trends in the era of shared economy, convergence and digital transformation in Brazil and worldwide. The idea was to explore operational and new business opportunities, in an innovative and efficient manner.   

The meeting brought forth discussions about how new technologies could support the path of transformation for the insurance field, enabling changes in customers’ businesses and the risk profile. With this, processes would be faster and more effective, in addition to increasing human capacity by empowering employees.  

Seguros SURA’s corporate purpose is to offer experiences that connect emotionally with people. The solutions transcend coverage of risks of assets or the insured, with the main focus being the needs and wellbeing of people, including its employees, who are responsible for moving the company’s strategies forward. 

The debate covered the importance of knowing the customer and understanding their needs to make their journey with the company the best possible. And, so, the idea is to transform the role of insurers and the insureds’ perception perception of them: from someone they only remember in case of a loss, linking insurers to a negative occurrence, into someone associated with support, protection and good experiences. There was also consideration of the need for day-to-day discussion of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, analytics, etc.  

The topic of operational efficiency was also highlighted: the insurance industry in its current configuration works with tight margins, where claims volume and commissions to sales and distributions channels put a lot of pressure on profitability. Any improvement in the efficiency of processes adds significant improvements in earnings.   

According to Silvio De Angelis, CEO of Nae in Brazil, the partnership aims to bring about transformation in a creative way, unlearning to relearn, looking at things a new way and using all possible tools to expand analytical capacity, anticipate scenarios, enhance decision making, empower people and convert threats into opportunities. “Our intention is to develop this insight by analyzing and anticipating trends for the insurance industry, as well as the entire context as inspiration. To do this, we are always attentive to the smallest changes and analyzing all possible impacts that can be that can be reversed in efficient solutions and strategies,” explained Silvio. 

Based on the conclusions of the first meeting, Nae consultants will meet with the professionals of Seguros SURA to discuss strategies and action plans, attentive to day-to-day changes and transformations. 

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